I've developed hepatocellular carcinoma. What should I be watching out for in the future?

The best results are. From surgery, and that depends on the tumors location in relation to the big blood vessel, the portal vein, and the viability of the liver not involved with the tumor itself. If your tumor is not resectable, there are new but expensive medicines that cause response and shrinkage. If the tumor grows or cannot be stopped, the liver will fail. I see some with bony metastasis. Best wishes.
Dx, Stage, Tx. Ca 1-2-3 - 1) diagnosis, 2) staging and prognosis, 3) treatment options. For hepatocellular carcinoma a multidisciplinary review is beneficial including surgery, medical oncology, interventional and diagnostic radiology. Many options exist for treatment, but systemic chemotherapy is currently suboptimal to cure advanced disease, so clinical trials and research is what to watch for the future.
Ssurveillance. Treatment for early hcc can be quite effective. However, since most hcc develops in the setting of underlying liver disease, we worry about new tumors cropping up in the remaining liver. Surveillance is crucial.