I had scoliosis as a teenager and was told that it would stop after I stopped growing. I'm 32 now, and it seems to be getting worse. Could this

Risk of progression . Generally curves will not progress once skeletally mature unless the curve is 50 degrees or more with a 75% risk of progression of 1 degree per year and higher risk if curve involves lumbar spine and if one develops bone density loss.
Happen yes. See aspone specialist degrnerative changes can superimpose on lomg stamding scoliosis esp on lumbar zpine if the curbe is on th move youay wzmt to tret it before it hets big and large curves get bigger one degree a year in adilthood progressive curbes should be followed and evaluatef.
Scoliosis. Not likely to get better. Stretching and maintaining flexibitly is important. Consider orthopedic evaluation.