I want to know my options for treating pelvic support problems?

Pessary vs surgery. You can do kegel exercises to help lift the walls that have dropped minimally. For moderate to severe prolapse a person usually needs something mechanical done (either use a pessary or have surgery to lift the organs back into their proper position). Surgery includes using own tissue, cadaver tissue, pig tissue, suture mesh) and can be done vaginally or abdominally.
Many options. It all depends on what (if any) symptoms you are having. Urine leakage from coughing, sneezing (stress incontinence) can be treated with pelvic muscle exercises or an outpatient "sling" procedure. Pelvic prolapse only needs to be treated if it is symptomatic. The options are a vaginal pessary (for a non-surgical option) or prolapse surgery.
Options. Treatment of pop may be non surgical by using a pessary and/or in mild cases pelvic floor physical therapy. Surgical treatment may be by traditional a & p repair, witch now are called native tissue repairs or sacrospinous fixation ( attaching the vagina to a ligament in the pelvis) . The problem with these is high failure rates. Mesh or grafts ( cadiveric dermis, porcine) may be may be used.