When after wisdom teeth removal will I feel normal?

Varies. It varies from patient to patient and it also varies based on the position of the tooth in the jaw bone. Usually you should feel back to normal after 1-2 weeks. Some feel fine in a couple of days.
Varies by individual. It is recommended that heavy physical activity should not be done for 48-72 hours after removal of wisdom teeth to protect the blood clot and not stress the wound site. In terms of feeling "normal, " every individual heals at a different rate, but most people feel relatively normal within 7-10 days barring any infection. Complete closure of the gum over the extraction site will take 4-6 weeks.

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How much time do you have to wait to eat normal after wisdom teeth removal?

Whenever you want. Everyone responds differently following the removal of teeth. Some patients start with a liquid or soft diet immediately following surgery and advance their diet as tolerated. Other patients may resume their normal diet immediately. Your appetite and level of discomfort while eating are your best measures for progressing to a normal diet. Read more...

Tingling after wisdom teeth removal. Normal?

Depends. I'm assuming you mean on your lip and chin. If this is the same day as surgery, that could be local anesthetic. If it is several days later, there may have been some injury to the sensory nerve. This usually gets better on its own, but it is best to inform your surgeon as they know all about your individual situation. Read more...

Funky taste and mild pain 2 weeks after wisdom teeth removal. Was told this would be normal. But after 2 weeks?

This requires. You going back to your dentist for a one on one examination. We can't do that over the internet. It may or may not be related to the extractions. Some possibilities are food in an incompletely healed and covered over socket, an infection, or merely poor oral hygiene and food collecting around adjacent teeth. Your dentist should be able to solve the mystery for you. Read more...