I try to avoid toxic drugs and treatments. What can I try before I go for traditional medical care for lung nodule?

Nothing. 50% of lung nodules may be neoplastic. The only way to establish tissue diagnosis of a non calcified lung nodule is to remove it, and give it to a pathologist to examine under a microscope. The diagnosis of cancer is done under the microscope by a pathologist. Needle biopsy will miss the diagnosis of cancer in a large percent of biopsies. So a negative needle biopsy does not rule out cancer.
Nothing. There is no therapy required for a "lung nodule" depending upon its appearance a biopsy may be required vs a repeate ct scan in 3-6 months.
Do not delay. Lung nodule may be cancer and it needs to be addressed asap. While trying "traditional" care you may give time for the caner to spread and become untreatable. Mr. Steve jobs of apple allowed his pancreatic cancer to spread while trying "traditional" medicine.