I think I may have eating disorders. What would that mean?

Depends. Eating disorders include bulimia and anorexia nervosa. Bulimia can wear down dental enamel, affect gastric motility and cause electrolyte imbalances. Anorexia can cause malnutrition, muscle wasting and muscle imbalance.
That you need. Treatment. Eating disorders can have many negative health effects. See a therapist with some expertise in this area.
There is help! There are a variety of eating disorders, common ones include: anorexia nervosa (restricting intake of food) bulimia (eating and then vomiting food) binge eating disorder there are also a variety of treatments which include medications and psychotherapy. The combination of both usually yields the best result. Help is available. You are not alone! dr. Zafiirides http://www.Thehealthymind.Com.