I need a straight answer. What is hereditary ovarian cancer?

Genetic Syndrome. Basically this is a familial cancer syndrome. This is due to a genetic defect which is passed down from paretn to child. (can actually come from a man). In the case of ovarian cancer it is usually associated with the brca gene when someone speaks of hereditary ovarain cancer.
Genetic syndrome. Agree with dr. Masiello. When you are talking about hereditary ovarian and breast cancer, usually you are talking about brca 1 or brca 2 mutation. Women with brca1 and brca2 mutations have markedly elevated risks of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, with a lifetime risk of breast cancer of 50 to 85 % and a 15 to 40 % chance of developing ovarian cancer.
BRCA 1 and 2. When a person carries a gene that puts them at risk for ovarian and sometimes breast cancer. BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 account for most cases of hereditary ovarian cancer and can be tested for by a simple blood or saliva test. Using a cancer family history and appropriate genetic testing a customized cancer prevention strategy can be developed for you. Hope this is helpful.

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What is the definition or description of: Hereditary ovarian cancer?

More than one member. Hereditary Ovarian cancer (often in combination with Breast Cancer) runs in 10 of Ovarian cancers. It should be considered and confirm by genetic testing if there is high suspicion based on 2 or more first degree relatives (parents, sisters or maternal aunts) suffering from Ovarian or Breast Cancer. The diagnosis is confirmed if you are a carrier for BRCA gene mutation (genetic test which can be don.

What genes cause hereditary ovarian cancer?

BRCA 1 and 2. The breast-ovarian cancer (brca 1 and 2) genes are the only ones so far proven to cause susceptibility to ovarian cancer (as high as 50% lifetime risk for ovarian, 85% for breast cancer if you have a mutation. Other ovarian cancer susceptibility genes may be identified by ongoing research.
BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. Your healthcare provider needs to be aware of your family history to be able to assess risk of certain cancers and to determine if genetic testing is appropriate. Having a brca mutation increases your risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Being aware of your cancer risk allows the opportunity to take action to prevent cancer.

What are the tests for hereditary ovarian cancer?

Ultrasound. Pelvic/transvaginal ultrasound is the best test after a good physical exam for a suspected ovarian cancer of any kind.
BRCA 1 and 2. BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 account for most cases of hereditary ovarian cancer and can be tested for by a simple blood or saliva test. Using a cancer family history and appropriate genetic testing a customized cancer prevention strategy can be developed for you. Hope this is helpful.

What are the symptoms of hereditary ovarian cancer?

Same as regular. Ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, there are no specific symptoms in early ovarian cancer. Most women have vague abdominal symptoms and at later stages, abdominal swelling, mass, symptoms from mets, weakness etc.

What is the treatment for hereditary ovarian cancer?

Close observation. Ovarian cancer is not per se"hereditary." we do know that there is a gene that carries a predilection to certain cancers. On this gene lies all female cancers, colon cancer and prostate cancer, even if you have this gene it does not guarantee you will get cancer. If you know this gene is in your family you must be vigilant to watch for them and start younger than other people.
Prevention. Most hereditary ovarian cancer is caused by BRCA genes. The key is prevention. US, blood work and a physical exam every six moths. Oral contraceptives can decrease risk of ovarian cancer. If BRCA positive then removal of tubes and ovaries at about 35 or after childbearing. Need to make a cancer prevention plan with doctor. Also need close relatives to be aware of risk. Hope this helps.

Is ovarian cancer more or less likely to be "genetic/hereditary"?

Often it is not gene. Only 10-20% cases are genetic or hereditary in origin, rest are sporadic or not related to previous family history...Just come out of the blue in more than 80% of cases.

Can ovarian cancer and breast cancer be hereditary?

Yes, of course. This is one of the classic hereditary cancer syndromes. Sorry, I don't have enough characters to be allowed to give you a full asnwer here, but quoting wikipedia: http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/hereditary_breast%e2%80%93ovarian_cancer_syndrome.

Have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, what are the chances that this was hereditary?

Low chance. Without a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, a single case of ovarian cancer has a low risk to be caused by a single gene mutation (e.g., the brca1 or brca2 mutations). However, testing for brca can be considered with an isolated case of ovarian cancer, particularly if it is in a women under 45 or the woman has children who would be at 50% risk of inheriting a brca mutation.
About 8.5% Less then 10% of ovarian cancers are currently known to arise from inherited mutations.

My grandmother may have very advanced ovarian cancer, tests are coming back today. Is ovarian cancer hereditary?

There incresed risk. There is genetic predisposition but most ovarian cancers are not heriditary. If she has brac1;brac2also hnpcc gene. There is increased risk of ovarian cancer if you a menber of your immediate family has ovarian cancer.
Sometimes. Many ovarian cancers are sporadic. However, if you have a family history of ovarian cancer then you will be at some increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. The level of risk depends on your family history and if you are brca positive or not. Important to discuss with your doctor to determine overall risk and discuss risk reduction plan.