I know hyperparathyroidism has consequences. What are they?

Consequences. Parathyroid hormones are responsible for regulating calcium level in blood. The most common cause of hyperparathyroidism is a growth on your parathyroid gland causing overproduction of this hormone. If high, it will raise calcium level in your blood causing osteoporosis, kidney stones, kidney problems, constipation, abdominal pain, bone pain, psychological overtone, fatigue, memory loss...
Consequences of. If hyperparathyroidism (HPT) is not treated, the elevated calcium results in small and medium blood vessel calcification which increases the risk for stroke and heart attack. Also, this condition will lead to osteopenia and ultimately osteoporosis which presents a risk for fractures (hip, wrist, spine, etc.). Finally, if left untreated, elevation of calcium can damage the kidneys.
WhatDoYouMeanByConse. I don't know what you mean by cnsequensives Hyperparathyroidism is a tratable medical condition.Most of the time it is diagnosed by chance on routine Blood test when we find there is elevated Calcium level in blood which is due to to much parathyroid hormone being produced by one of the gland.Consensus among most specialists is to treat all with surgery unless there is contraindications for surger.