Can u contract HIV from deep kisses or tongue kisses?

Rare. Hiv can be transmitted by deep kissing, especially if there is bleeding in the mouth from any sores or bleeding gums. But this is rare. It is not recommended to french kiss someone who has HIV for this reason.
Possible but ex.rare. The main risk in deep kissing as far as HIV is concerned is accidental exposure to blood in your partner's mouth. If they have bleeding gums and they are HIV positive, it is possible but not too likely to acquire HIV in this way.

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How rare is it to get hiv/aids from french kiss if both partners have open cuts. But only kissed twice. With barley tongue?

Asked and Answered. It is impossible. If you have HIV you did not get it from the scenario you are describing. Your question has now been accurately answered. Read more...

The french kiss was fast, I dont have any sore or cuts, and I wash my mouth with rum fast after it. Do I have a chance of hiv? Or something else

Listen Jay... You're a grown man now. You can't get HIV from kissing, though you can get infectious mononucleosis, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, and/or gonorrhea. Kissing is worth the risk. You can't go through life rinsing your mouth with run every time something really nice happens. Congratulations on having been kissed, and may you find true love when the time is right. Best wishes. Read more...