Do you think it could be ok to use araldite glue as a temporary tooth filling?

No . While this glue is strong, it is not made to be used in you mouth. The best thing to do is see a dentist and have your tooth treated. If you can't see a dentist then try an over the counter temporary filling product. At least this will not do you any harm until you see a dentist.
Nope. Dentemp from your local pharmacy would be a better choice. And call a dentist for an appointment to restore the broken tooth. It sounds like it is already in need of restorative care.
Not recommended. There are toothache kits that include tools for temporary fillings as well as safe temporary dental materials.
Absolutely not. I believe that if you read the warnings, you wouldn't even ask the question: http://www.Rapidonline.Com/pdf/87-4034hsa.Pdf leave such repairs to a professional who will only use safe materials meant for intraoral use. It has been my experience that when patients try to fix their own teeth or appliances they make things worse and not better.