How bad is getting your wisdom tooth pulled out? I know I'm getting two from the back pulled out and wanted to know if it hurts during the process?

Should not. Your dentist should give you local anesthetic so that you feel little or no pain during the extraction. It is also possible to be sedated so that you are relaxed or don't remember anything. Talk with your dentist about your concerns and he or she should be able to help you or refer you to someone who can.
No pain. There may be soreness afterward, but with adequate anesthesia you should have no pain during the procedure. You will feel pressure and hear some sounds. Often, the dentist or oral surgeon will recommend sedation so you can relax during the procedure which will make it easier for both you and the doctor.
Proper anesthesia . is the key. IV Sedation is a safe and convenient procedure which will allow you to access dental care and surgical dental procedures without being aware or remember of the wisdom teeth removal. With the benefits of a little sedation and some local anesthetic, you will find the experience a lot less dramatic than your friends would have you believe. Good luck. .