Had holiday gathering with multiple family members and found out that many had lactation problems. What can I do to prevent it?

Skin to skin. Choose an ob, pedi, hospital that are supportive. At delivery, go skin to skin with baby and nurse within the first hour. Have your baby room in and feed your baby whenever he wants it, not by watching the clock. Don't use formula or pacifiers unless medically necessary. On the 2nd day of life most babies eat around the clock. This is normal so your nipples are stimulated, not a sign of hunger.
Lactation consultant. Talk to a lactation consultant as soon as you can before or after giving birth. You should probably take a breastfeeding class before you have the baby. It is important to put the baby on the breast as soon as possible after birth.
Healthy lifestyle. A good healthy diet and exercise throughout pregnancy can help avert potential lactation problems as well!