Funny how a diagnosis doesn't mean much till you have it. What is ruptured disk?

Pressure on a nerve. Different terms describe the movement of the central part of a disc beyond the normal confines of the disc. A ruptured disc suggests a large fragment of the disc has gone beyond it's normal margin and is putting usually dramatic pressure on the nerve, nerve sac, or spinal cord. This often will require surgery because it is unlikely to shrink enough for the symptoms to be tolerable. Wait and pray.
Extrusion of the dis. Ruptured disk occur when the disk material contained within the bounderies of the disk by espesialized tissue called the annulus fifrosus sustain a ruptured or a rent and allow the contains of the disk get ouside the disk thru the rent in the annulus.Can occur at any level of the spine but usually lumbat spine l4-l5, l5-s1 asnd cervical spine c5-c6., c6-c7.