Funny how a diagnosis doesn't mean much till you have it. What is premature ovarian failure?

Early menopause-like. Loss of normal ovarian function under the age of 40. Usually your ovaries have run out of eggs early or something is keeping them from developing properly and therefore the hormones they usually produce. Can be genetic, related to toxins, immune system problems or unknown causes. Need a thorough workup.
Ovarian Failure. Premature ovarian failure, in layman's terms, is simply premature menopause. The average age of menopuse in usa is approximately 52 years old. Premature menopause usually occurs way much earlier than this, around age 35 or younger. It may be secondary to a chromosomal abnormality, auto-immune disorder, or for the most part, idiopathic. It increases ones risk for osteoporosis, and heart disease.