For centuries children and adults did ok treating leprosy with home remedies. Why can't i?

Leprosy Remedies. Chaulmoogra Oil has some antibacterial qualities so it has sometimes been helpful – but why turn to this when there is EXTREMELY effective treatment available - dapson, rifampicin & clofazimine. Some remedies might v sx's but are not curative. Azadirachta indica may act as a soothing antiseptic & Centella Asiatica may help wi pigmentation & inflammation. Please discuss wi your physician before >
Ineffective. Because none of these home remedies is effective and since there are treatments today which have some degree of success depending upon the type of leprosy and its stages why would you not seek medical care?
Interesting idea. You offer treatments in an era when the expected lifespan was less than 40 as equal to those of today. You can do what you want for yourself.( As long as the judge has not decided you are incompetent.) However, the state has a vested interest in the children growing up. If you refuse proper care for your kids, your parental rights would be suspended & they would go into foster care.
Did not work. Leprosy is progressive infection which fortunately is rare in US. This requires long term multiple antibiotic therapy with 3 drugs and specialized knowledge because of the rare nature of the infection in the US. There are specialized reference clinic in Louisiana which your doctor can contact for latest information on how to treat leprosy. This can severe nerve damage and must be treated.