Believe in power of prayer. Will it work for right-sided heart failure?

Hope. Prayer will help you cope with this difficult problem and give you hope to keep living. Whatever the outcome, if you are content in your heart, you will be able to move forward.
Prayer. You received excellent input from dr. Matos-cruz & dr. Loh. I believe you are asking if you will experience the miracle of being healed if you pray. I am sorry, but that is not something that we have the power to predict. However, i agree that prayer can be a source of strength, comfort and courage. Check this site: http://stason.Org/tularc/health/alternative-medicine/prayer-health-benefits.Html.
Wouldn't hurt. Faith based healing is a very difficult subject to validate, given that biology inherently has great variability and prognoses are often best guesstimate. It would not be wise to put your health solely in the hands of prayer. Consulting a competent cardiologist or pulmonologist, and supplementing their recommendations with prayer is my strong recommendation.