How to lose belly/thigh fat quickly?

Belly & Thigh Fat. To achieve weight loss you must burn more calories than you eat. There are many diet and exercise programs out there that can help you lose weight quickly but many do not help you keep weight off over the long term. Cycles of weight loss and weight gain are not healthy. Find a program you can stick with to lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight for life.
Spot fat loss does . Not occur naturally. By losing weight in general a certain amt will be abdominal ./ thigh fat. Eat healthfully ; be physically active. Calories burned must > calories consumed. To tighten ab's do crunches, reverse crunches, exercise ball crunches, pelvic thrusts, lying leg raises, side bridge ; “bicycling” exercise on your back. Get regular aerobic exercise. Tone thighs w plie, squat, wall squat.