Are there practical ways to reduce the odds of ear wax impaction?

Impacted CErumen. Impacted cerumen is very common among kids, just fill up the ears with h2o2 or debrox every night plug it with cotton for 1 -2 weeks . It will soften, if still impacted your md will clean it with warm water or irrigate it.
No Q tips. Don't use q tips in your ear. Don't ever put anything in your ear. Cerumen impaction is created by pushing wax down in the ear with q tips. Some people have dry wax that tends to accumulate. If that is the case ear wax removal drops and flushing with water can help. Ear wax removal drops are over the counter (no prescription).

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Are there effective natural treatments for ear wax impaction?

Ear Wax. There are several over the counter ear wax removal formulations that will soften the wax so it runs out. In my office we often use a liquid stool softner like ducolax or colace (docusate sodium). We put several drops in the ear and this softens and loosens the wax so that it is easy to remove. Wax can be protective also so unless its causing a problem its best to leave it alone. Read more...
Peroxide. If no tubes in the ears, a few drops of peroxide twice a week seems to work. Read more...