Are there official recommendations for treating peripheral arterial disease?

Yes. Go to: http://content.Onlinejacc.Org/cgi/content/full/j.Jacc.2011.10.860 for complete guidelines which are under the auspices of the american heart association, american college of cardiology foundation, american college of radiology, society of thoracic surgeons, american college of cardiac angiography and intervention, society of interventional radiology society of vascular medicine and others.

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What is the definition or description of: Peripheral arterial disease?

Multiple. PEripheral arterial disease refers generally to the arterial supply to the extremities and can involve vessels of any size. Diseases like diabetes tend to affect the small arterial vessels while atherosclerosis from high cholesterol, hypertension, or smoking to name a few can affect vessels if any size. The concern is inadequate blood and oxygen to peripheral tissues and organs. Read more...