Are there good natural treatments for inherited metabolic disorders?

Too vague. There are many different kinds of inherited metabolic disorders, so unfortunately, it can't be answered. Generally though, there are no natural treatments.
Usually no. However, inherited metabolic disorders is a big title that includes great many diseases and you rarely may find some natural good treatment. Bare in mind that what we call natural medicines are actually crude forms of medicines. These meds are studied & purified to weed out extras that cause side effects. Or the effective part is created in lab in a pure form. Meds, if needed, are what you need!

Related Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different treatments for inherited metabolic disorders?

Too broad to answer. Every inherited metabolic disease or family of diseases has a specific treatment/ management strategy making this question not answerable in the available space.
Depends. Pros and cons of the treatment will depend on the specific metabolic disorder. There is no generalized treatment for all inherited metabolic disorders.

What is the result of neonatal screen positive in inherited metabolic disorders?

Depends. A screening test is a relatively simple & inexpensive test designed to narrow down the number of patients brought in for the more expensive specific tests. For every 10, 000 screened, 100 may show positive & secondary tests will show 2--3 with a real problem. The screen eliminated 99% that didn't need a specific test. The state notifies me of + screens & we get the tests. If a real pbm, rx is atarted.

How will inherited metabolic disorders affect other parts of my body?

Unclear question, But the general idea is that the body is interconnected by chemical messengers (factors) that travel in the blood between body parts and different organs e.g. Hormones, enzymes, interleukins, antibodies etc. Each of these has numerous subtypes. A whole heck of wrong could take place in these factos that travel among organs producing derangement. Note organs depend on each other in a way or another.

Are there practical ways to reduce the odds of inherited metabolic disorders in fetus?

Genetic testing. Genetic testing can be done for many metabolic disorders pre-pregnancy to minimize one's risk of occurance.
Screening. The most practical way to reduce the risk of a metabolic disorder in the fetus is to screen mom and dad. Genetic screening of mom and dad tells whether you by chance carry a mutation for a metabolic disorder and are at risk for a metabolic disorder in the fetus. Screening recently has become more available and lower in cost.

What types of inherited metabolic disorders?

Many types. Metabolic syndrome is insidious. Many features of disease are initially asymptomatic. High blood pressure in early stages is not perceived. Cholesterol issues are asymptomatic unless present for some time. Women may have symptoms of irregular menses, or increased facial hair, but may think this not too abnormal. If you have increasing weight, most on the gut, get checked out by your pcp.