Are there good alternative therapies for menopause?

Yes. Alternative to hormones? Soy products have been shown to help with some of the symptoms of menopause. Anti-depressants and Clonidine can help. Prevention of bone loss includes adequate calcium, vitamin d and weight bearing exercises. Compounded estriol creams can help with dryness. Really depends on what symptoms you are trying to treat.
Yes, they exist. Treatments for menopause include hormone replacement with either synthetic hormones or bio-identical hormones (come from plants), supplements such as black cohosh, soy, estroven, over the counter Progesterone creams, aryuvedic treatments and acupuncture. Anti depressants, vaginal Estrace (estradiol) and Clonidine are also used for symptom reliefi personally like bhrt the best but only for suitable candidates.