Which backrest is best for lower back pain?  

See below. You want something that promotes good posture. Anything that encourates a curvature of the back just above your hips is fine. I bought a special back support on line but actually a cylinder shaped pillow that I bought at wal-mart works better. They cost about the same, maybe 15 dollars.
Depends on you. There are so many different back rests and so many different people. The best thing is to try a few out and see what feels the best for your individual anatomy.

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Is a chiropractor or acupuncturist best for lower back pain?

Dealer's choice. Whichever one you find useful is fine. Both can be helpful or neither may, depending on the severity of the injury.
Depends. You need to have the cause of the pain evaluated. Your orthopod can do this and provide recommendations such as rest, proper medications, referral to a physical therapist or to a massage therapist. Chiropractors do not offer cures; only chronic deep massage. Acupuncture can ease some pain that is resistant to conventional therapy.
Consider a DO. You might want to seek out an osteopathic physician (do) who uses osteopathic manipulation to treat low back pain. Not only can they use similar manipulative techniques as the chiropractor, they can also treat whatever medical problems you have, giving you a full-spectrum of care.

Best exercise to lower back pain?

Core strengthening. Exercises that strengthen the core can be helpful in maintaining integrity and reduce stress on the spine. Typically disc herniations will resolve on their own as soon as 3-6 weeks or as late as 6-9 months. Just depends on how you take care of yourself, exercise, anti-inflammatories, tylenol (acetaminophen) and if you need to lose weight that will help immensely.
Swimming. There are many stretches to do on land, but if you have access to a pool or lake, doing whatever swimming strokes you are most comfortable with, is an excellent way to loosen up your back. Just think about stretching your whole body to its full length as you put your arms in the water with each stroke. Don't worry about how far or fast you swim. Even 15 minutes 3+ times a week will help a lot.
See below. A gentle home exercise program that focuses on core strengthening is going to be your best bet. A great resource for this can be found at www. Therehabzone. Com.
See Physical Therapy. Most patients with low back pain will benefit by using physical therapy exercise for pain relief. It should be monitored by a physical therapist to ensure follow through and avoid problems.

What's the best way to end lower back pain?

Get it evaluated. If this is a chronic problem, get it evaluated. In young males, low back pain may be due to an inflammatory arthritis (spondylitis) or a mechanical issue.
Back pain. The back pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement. .. The treatment depends on the cause of the pain. It can include physical therapy, exercise, medications, injections. .. Please seek help from a pain management doctor, you might benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

What's the best exercise (s) for lower back pain?

"Superman" exercises. Back injuries should always be checked by your doctor, especially if chronic or if one experiences symptoms down the legs. The superman exercise is ideal for strengthening the back muscles. Lie on your stomach, arms outstretched in front; lift the rt. Arm/shoulder and left leg/hip off the floor for 5 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side, do 12 sets, twice a day. See my back pain healthguide.
Yoga! Often the best exercise for your low back doesn't involve exercising the low back at all. Stretching the back, and strengthening the abdominal and oblique muscles, as well as stretching hamstrings and glutes (buttocks) can really help. Massage (rolling on one or two tennis balls in a sock on a carpeted floor) is good, but in the longer run, yoga is terrific.
Depends. If flexion (bending forward) makes your pain worse, then extension exercises are best. If extension (bending backward) makes your pain worse, then pelvic tilt and flexion exercises are better.
See below. A gentle home exercise program that focuses on core strengthening is going to be your best bet. A great resource for this can be found at www. Therehabzone. Com.

What is the best way to releive lower back pain?

Exercise. There are many studies on the subject of lower back pain. The majority suggest the best method of controlling chronic lower back pain is exercise to create core strength and loose weight. I also suggest daily stretching and core strength exercises. You can find these exercises at: http://harvardneurosurgeon. Com/pt2.Html.
Work-Up. There are many ways to treat back pain, but this is an open ended question as it depends on the cause. The most common cause is musculoskeletal strain/sprain which usually is treated with rest, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy/massage. If the cause is more involved such as a bulging disc, spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis etc. Then treatments vary widely. First, get a good work-up.

What is the best way to alleviate lower back pain?

What caused it!!! The obvious is to avoid/eliminate what caused the pain....But at times it is not possible. Simple sprain/strain typically improve in 2-3 wks time. If you have disc disease/spinal problems etc....More involved treatment modalities are likely needed...So, first is to have it checked out by for doc..
Depends... Back pain from normal activity will usually respond to otc meds such as tylenol, (acetaminophen) aleve, or advil. You should take precautions to protect your back from injury by lifting properly and asking for help when appropriate. Use a back brace/support when working for long durations.
Correct diagnosis... Fortunately, most low back pain does not last long and does respond to otc meds. However, finding the diagnosis is most important. Stay away from clinics or doctors that push narcotics!

What is the best way to get help for chronic lower back pain?

Osteopathic Doctor. If conventional examinations haven't found the cause or conventional treatments haven't relieved the pain, consider an evaluation by an osteopathic physician, especially one who specializes in hands-on diagnosis and osteopathic manipulation. They can often find the cause and/or treat it when others can't.

What are the best ways to relieve lower back pain and build a stronger back?

Strengthen stomach. And back muscles. Learn proper lifting techniques.
Back pain. Back pain is the result of gravity, and poor posture due to the lifestyle we all live, hunched over technology. Simple fix hang upside down like a bat! Well that's not practical but yoga will help elongate and strengthen your back while reversing the signs of gravity. Make sure to have a good diet and decrease any stress you may have. This will help!
LOW BACK PAIN. Begin with a gentle range of motion and stretching exercises. Incorporate a neutral spine core stability program with mcgill exercises such as planks (front and side), "birddog", and pull ins. May progress to a global dynamic strengthening program as able. This should build a strong foundation for your back and eliminate your pain and potential for future pain.

Need advice on what is the the best way to relieve upper and lower back pain?

Osteopathic Doctor. Consult with a doctor or osteopathic medicine that is using manual manipulation. Some physical therapist are also trained in osteopathic manipulation. This is not a chiropractor!