Are there alternative therapies for hemochromatosis?

Phlebotomy. Unfortunately, the only effective treatment is removing iron by removing units of blood on regular basis.
Worthless. If you comply with phlebotomy, you will recover your health. Refuse, and you will pay with your life. With hemochromatosis, it is truly this simple. Do not spend much money on supplements etc.
Phlebotomies. Serial phlebotomies to remove the excess iron from your body is the effective treatment for hemochromatosis. In addition to phlebotomy, dietary modification is also recommended. Avoid as much as possible food that has high iron content- such as spinach, liver, red meat, oyster etc.

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Help docs, is gene therapy available with hemochromatosis?

No. Do not expect it any time soon. Neglected hemochromatosis will kill you miserably, but it is extremely easy to manage. You may even come to enjoy the phlebotomy treatment. It is saving your life.