Are all diagnostic tests for hiatal hernia done locally? What are they?

Define locally. Do you mean "the community you live in" or "under local anesthesia"? Hiatal hernia is often used to describe gastroesophageal reflux disease(gerd); while there is overlap, they are two distinct diseases. Tests for gerd include endoscopy (egd), pressure recordings of the esophagus, and a 24-ph study. A hiatal hernia is best seen on ct, although indirect info will be obtained by egd.
Tests. Tests to diagnose a hiatal hernia include upper GI contrast study (barium swallow X-ray), and upper endoscopy (looking in the stomach with a camera). These are performed in the radiology sort and endoscopy suite, and are available in most hospitals. There is no anesthesia needed for the X-ray, and sedation used for the endoscopy. Hope this helps!
Depends where you li. The tests that are used to evaluate hiatal hernia include; barium swallow, cat scan , and upper endoscopy. These tests are available at most hospitals, or radiology facilities. Some patients need more sophisticated tests to evaluate for gerd, such as a bravo or 24 hour ph, or esophageal manometry to evaluate esophageal function. These tests require additional expertise in esophageal diseases.
Hiatal hernia. Upper GI x-ray and an EGD. The EGD is done by a gastroenterologist. Very common tests. .