Any remedies for impacted tooth I can try at home?

Not really. Impacted teeth can cause considerable pain and infection. Home remedies you might try include a soft diet, salt water mouth rinses, pain medicine like tylenol (acetaminophen) or advil, and perhaps toothache medicine like orajel. Really, though, you need to see an oral surgeon to get the impacted tooth removed before it becomes serious.
OTC Meds. If you are having pain from an impacted tooth no home remedy will cure the problem. Any home remedy suggestions may help ease the discomfort, but sooner or later the impacted tooth will need to be evaluated by a dentist, and probably removed. The best suggestion would be to call your dentist and in the interim, try to keep the area clean, and treat the pain with an OTC med.
Not really. You can use some meds such as tylenol/motrin etc...For the pain, but these cannot remedy your underlying trouble. Impacted tooth means it is growing tilted/sideway and it is impacting on another tooth causing the pain. It will cont to do so...Thus, you need to see your dentist/orthodontist for care... Good luck.