Any remedies for double diabetes I can try at home?

Yes. The backbone treatment for double diabetes is Insulin and oral medications. Insulin will always be needed but if you exercise, lose weight and remain active, you might be able to wean off the medications.
Expert care. Diabetes of either type is a serious illness, having both type 1 and type 2 diabetes makes it that much more difficult to treat. You should follow your doctor's advice and not risk using unproven treatments.
Type 2 Diabetes??? Initial management of all type 2 diabetes is lifestyle: walk a lot (1hour/day). Lose weight if you are over weight. Reduce total calorie intake. Some people's sugar is so high with type 2 diabetes that they must take medicines or Insulin even at beginning. Type 1 diabetes needs Insulin or patient will die (it was uniformly fatal prior to discovery of Insulin as drug).