Any remedies for a fast heart rate I can try at home?

Yes. If your fast heart rate is due to normal mechanisms, relaxation techniques like yoga, self-hypnosis, slow breaths, etc will work. If it's due to supraventricular tachycardia, valsalva maneuvers like bearing down (like having a bm) sometimes helps. If it's due to atrial fibrillation, there's nothing you can do by yourself. If it's due to rarer causes, you definitely need to see a cardiologist!
Not really. The differential diagnosis of tachycardia (rapid heart rate) is broad and is dependent on the rhythm your hear is in. There are some serious causes so I would advise you to see your primary care provider about this to determine the cause and therapy.

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I went to dr yesterday and was giving a breathing treatment. It made me jittery and I'm still having a very fast heart rate. Is this normal?

Yes. It should resolve over today, but you should avoid coffee, smoking, alcohol and other stimulants. Broncho-dilators do have adrenaline-like effects on your nervous system. It is unusual for those effects to last more than a day. Relax as best you can. Then check back with your doctor if you have to.

How fast is too fast for a heart rate while exercising for someone with tachycardia? Assuming non-smoker and no alcohol or drugs and otherwise healthy female in late teens to early twenties. Tachycardia started a week ago with no identified cause.

Depends. It depends because if I had that condition I would certainly not want it to hamper my regular schedule of exercise, but I would seek medical attention before beginning any exercise program. Do not exercise if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of tachycardia and I would ask your MD "if you had my issue what would YOU do not what the book tells you to do? " There has to be a common ground.
Many reasons 4 tach. There are many reasons for tachycardia and you should be seen by a good electro physiologist and cardiologist to work it out. Different causes have different treatments. Cannot go into all of this in 400 spaces.
Read on. Norml activity range for a 20 year old should be HR of 120-160, depending on the resting HR and degree of activity. There are many causes for tachycardia which is beyond the scope of this discussion. Someone with tachycardia should be cleared by a doctor for activity for sure.
Tachycardia. For Age 19, normal heart rate is 60 -100 beats/min. Exercise and anxiety can cause Tachycardia. Tachycardia starting a week ago at age 19 is likely due to sudden stress, such as fright with feeling of being overwhelmed or Anxiety. See Physician for possible Diagnosis of Fever, Hyperthyroidism, Anemia, B.P. Medications effect, or heart condition. See Psychiatrist for Stress Anxiety, Relaxation.