I have a comminuted fracture to the radial head in my right elbow. It's been 9 months and I'm still in pain. How long does this take to heal?

Radial head fracture. Heals in the same time frame as most bones in most healthy persons 7-8 weeks. Pain can be from the severity of the fracture and joint and tendon mal alignment, elbow ligament problems, joint stiffness , and a host of other issues. Speak to the treating physician.
Before now. 9 months is far to long. You ask how long it takes to heal so i assume you have seen an orthopedist who verified that the bone has not healed. (just because there is pain does not mean that the bone is not healed). If that is the case you have a malunion. It ill likely need surgery.
Fracture. It would have healed by now normally. But did it heal correctly or not, that's the issue. If there was also damage to the adjacent nerves, this may be responsible for your pain. Get a work up.

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Fracture of (R) radial head (c) 8 wks. Above elbow still red, inflamed, sore, warm to touch stiff joint. Normal recovery or cause for concern?

The question lacks- -description of the fracture as well as the treatment. It can vary from non-displaced to displaced, 1 fragment or many. Treatment can be from sling 2 surgery. Need more information. . Read more...
Hard to know. The orthopedist/physician that has seen you previously and that has performed physical examination will know better; but infection of the joint or misalignment would need to be considered. Perhaps more likely that this is normal progression of healing (depending on severity of findings you mention). Have it checked out to be sure. Read more...