There are level degrees of gluten sensitivity?

Two differernt types. There are two different types of gluten sensitivity - one is severe allergy that results in celiac disease and the other one a milder sensitivity. Celiac is diagnosed by a blood test and a biopsy. The milder gluten sensitivity is also an allergic reaction but of a different type. It can also lead to various symptoms, including headaches http://www.Migralex.Com/gluten-sensitivity-and-headaches/.
Absolutely. Allergies can be to very specific proteins try a very small amt of wheat with antihistamines or help nearby.
Yes. Gluten issues are generally digestive problems and have nothing to do with allergic responses. Thus antihistamines have no role at all in this situation. Some folks have mild stomaches or extra gas. Some have severe pain and kids may become malnourished enough they do not grow. If you belive you have gluten allergies with wheezing, nasal congestion or eczema, see your doctor.

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What IgA levels indicate celiac's or gluten sensitivity?

TTg-IgA. The IgA antibody to Tissue Transglutaminase is currently the best blood test to screen for Celiac disease. If this level is elevated, further evaluation should be considered. Read more...