I am taking oxy elite pro to loose weight and I lost 7pound in one week. Do you all know anything about this product?

Oxyelite pro. All my research found were groups touting the product in order to make sales. I saw no scientific studies proving—or disproving—its effectiveness. Typically, rapid weight loss is regained once one stops the special diet or weight loss pill. Some of the ingredients, like yohimbe, may have unwanted side effects. Consult with your doc concerning this product.
Unfortunately. I wish i had good news; but i don't.Oxy elite pro is a food supplement.That means that it doesn't have to undergo the testing and scrutiny of the fda; not that the fda is perfect-they are not; but they are certainly better if the claims are true, the ingredients in oxy elite enable you to have greater metabolic action via thyroid hormones bad idea. If true--hyperthyroidism-could result-bad!