I'm 40 years old. I have been having severe anxiety for a month with panic attacks. I have just got my period twice in amonth. I get rapid heart rate/pounding but the stress test and EKG were normal. Could this be a hormonal problem?

Relaxation Response. When you get the panic attack try to create a thought record with what thought triggered that emotion. By working through your fears you can help process the stress. Simple technique like letting go medication - while inhale say let and exhale say go and will be able to watch your breathing and regulate your emotions. Sometimes irregular heartbeats can mimic panic supplement with magnesium oratate.
Menopause. Hormone shifts can cause palpitations. It could be early menopause. I would suggest a 30 day heart monitor to see if they can catch the abnormal beats and you may want to see your gyn as well and have some hormone levels drawn.
Possibly. Stress & anxiety--in general & in association with hormonal changes--can produce those symptoms. It's usually most helpful to get a rhythm tracing during an attack, so your doctor may order a 24-hour holter monitor to try to "catch" one. It can also help your doctor to know the hr during an episode, so I would recommend measuring your hr (counting the beats in a minute) during the next few attacks.