I seem to get tension headache. Is there a permanent solution apart from trying to avoide tension causing situations.?

Stress headache. There are many ways of treating tension or stress causing headache. Ask your md to give you rx that will calm you so will not react easily to any situation.
Work on stress. Your journey thru life can be clouded by meds or full of growth in self awarenness. All of us are wired a little differently and that difference leads to coping methods as we encounter conflict. You may want to explore books, cd's or seminars on dealing with conflict & confrontation, developing assertive communication, learning stress management techniques. A healthier life is possible, go for it.
Check Diagnosis. Many headaches labeled as "tension headaches" are actually migraine so make sure that you get an accurate diagnosis. The majority of headache patients presenting to primary caregivers have migraine. The treatment of migraine is very specific and preventive medication is fairly effective at reducing the how often and how much the headaches affect you.
Headache specialist. Many/most people who have been told they have tension/stress headaches actually have a type of migraine. A headache specialist can help you determine exactly what kind of headaches you have, which will go a long way to determining the best course of treatment. As far as i know, however, there are no permanent solutions.