If a sprain is worse than severe, does it become a fracture (like an ankle fracture)? How are they related?

A sprain is a sprain. A sprain will not lead to a fracture unless there is another injury. Immobilization will be of benefit to stabilize the area.
Fracture. Involves bone. A sprain involves ligament. If the sprain is sever the ligament may be torn. It is possible to have a fracture and a sprain.
Trauma causes both. A sprain is a painful, traumatic stretch of a ligament or muscle. If severe it could rupture the tendon. Fractures occur from direct trauma, but not by extension of a sprain. For any of these ice the part involved and see an er doc or an orthopedic specialist to have it evaluated and proper treatment applied.
Let me explain. Sprian were the ligment strech to a piont tell ruptre. Fractur were the bone broken and could be seperated. Thanks.

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What is the difference between an ankle fracture and an ankle sprained?

They are... A fracture is a broken bone. A sprain is soft tissue damage, such as ligaments, muscle or tendons.
Several. An ankle sprain is stretching of the ligaments and tendons around the joint. An ankle fracture is breaking of the bone.
Bone vs soft tissue. Fracture involves the bone. Sprain involves the soft tissue.

Is it necessary to seek medical attention if I have a sprained ankle or a stable ankle fracture?

Ankle. Yes, because you may have more long term issues if things do not get fixed properly on time.
Ankle fracture. I think I just answered a similar question from you. If you have a stable ankle fracture you should be in a walking boot for 3-5 weeks. It is not a good idea to walk on any fracture (okay, maybe a toe fracture) stable or not. A stable fracture can still progress to unstable if walked on too much. A sprained ankle you can manage on your own. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation as needed.
Consequences? About the only thing necessary is for you to decide if you want to risk not seeking medical attention. Failure not to could and many times does have consequences that patients never counted on. Probably best to use good judgment and seek the medical attention.

6 weeks ago fell and hurt ankle (medial side). Went to ER they said sprain. Having pain directly on bones on inside side of foot and ankle. Fracture?

Possibly. Need to go. To your pcp or an orthopod to get reevaluated with an xray or other tests as necessary. Some severe sprains can take a long time to heal, up to 3 months or more. Good luck.
Get MRI. "sprained" ankle usually hurts for 2-6 weeks, if pain persists or hurts in an area other than the ankle, you should see a doctor to evaluate. New xrays may be in order or an MRI to look for occult injuries that do not show up on plain x-rays.
Get an x-ray. Twisting ones’ ankle can lead to a sprained ankle. Often times, this may result in ligament or tendon injuries which may lead to ankle swelling, pain, and possibly instability. An x-ray of the foot and ankle will be able to assist in differentiating a sprain form a fracture.
X-ray. Get an x-ray to evaluate the medial side of the joint. Tendon injuries or cartilage injuries can occur as well where an MRI is indicated.