I have really bad leg cramps ever night. I have tried every thing I know to do. It is several times a night in both legs at the same time, knees down?

Don't forget veins. One of the most common symptoms of varicose veins and venous incompetence is leg cramps. As much as 70% of the time, people with varicose veins will have leg cramps. Although there are many other possible causes, as others have said, if you have any visible veins in your legs, you should see a venous specialist (phlebologist) for help.
Seek medical help. Cause of calf cramping may be tired muscles after prolonged standing, abnormalities in blood chemistry (potassium, calcium, magnesium), dehydration, simply tired muscles from exercise, and venous incompetence. Preferably, see a phlebologist to have your legs evaluated, starting with ultrasound of the veins in your legs.
Need some tests. You might have an electrolyte imbalance, or a side effect of medications (especially a statin, or medication to lower your cholesterol). You should give your doctor a call, or go to a clinic for some tests. Be sure to bring any medications including supplements, so the ingredients can be checked.