What is the fastest way to lower blood pressure without medication?

Lifesyle changes. Many times BP can be improved with a regular exercise plan and with dietary changes. Cardiovascular exercise is more important than weight training for this, one specific diet for this is known as the dash diet. Your doctor can help you choose the right plans for you.
Blood pressure. Your "fastest" way of thinking and living probably brought on the high blood pressure in the first place. The rx medications can bring pretty quick results but try to slow down and exercise, eat a nutritious healthy diet, love your loved ones and be at peace with the universe.
No fast way. Weight loss, diet, and exercise can help lower blood pressure, but it takes some time. The dash diet has been shown to help: lean protein like fish, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and low salt. Aerobic exercise like walking 150 minutes a week too. You can also try meditation or other stress management techniques. See your doctor for more information.