Few docs told me that I have athletic heart (ekg, pulse). However I do activities 3 times a week at most. Could I have some heart condition?

Need more info. They may merely be describing a low hr, typically a sign of good cardiovascular fitness at your age. However, "athletic heart" can sometimes be used to describe an unusually large & muscular heart. That is sometimes difficult to distinguish from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a dz of the heart muscle in which it becomes overly thick. The ekg is one of the tools used to distinguish the 2 conditions.
Evaluation. If you have questions or concerns you should contact your doctor and if they are not answering your questions, then a 2nd opinion may be an option.

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Went to doc for palp, bp 128/84 hr70. EKG showed heart attack but doc said it was athletic heart. I workout a lot. Have echo. Why would it show that?

I assume that when. you say the EKG says "heart attack" you mean the computer interpretation of the EKG. The algorithm for interpretation is weighted to favor abnormalities. It is up to the doctor who actually interprets the EKG to provide an accurate diagnosis. In other words the computer is over reading it. Trust your doctor. ECHO will most likely confirm he is right if you have no regional wall motion abnormality. Read more...