Numbness in my left arm, tingly face and fingers and really sore shoulder? Possiblle fracture?

Tingling and numbnes. Fractures are ususally related to trauma. If there has been no trauma then this is very unlikely. Tingling and numbness involving the face and arm usually is from a problem in your neck or brain. Because of the pain in your shoulder you most likely have a nerve issue from your neck. Of course a good physical examination may help give you a better complete answer.
Injury? Was there an injury? That would be the primary way you could have a fracture. Your description would be concerning for something more brain related, a stroke being one concern. You would be well served to be seen.

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After, jogging my left shoulder down to my shoulder blade, my upper left arm feel sore, and my fingers are numb and tingly. What is wrong with me?

Pinched Nerve. Very commonly, pain near or around the shoulder blade is not shoulder related at all. Instead, it is most often related to neck/cervical spine related issues. A "pinched nerve" from the neck either from a disc bulge/herniation/bone spur is usually the culprit. The only way to know for sure would require an evaluation from an orthopedic surgeon or perhaps your primary care provider.

Left arm/neck/shoulder still tingling, painful, mild numbness. 4 days. Tingling now in my left face and left chest. Thoughts? Waiting on neuro reply.

Neurologist. If you can't obtain an appointment with a neurologist during these symptoms, you should go to the hospital emergency room where you will get prompt evaluation and testing including a brain ct scan or mri and a neurologist will be called in for consultation. I would be concerned about right sided cerebral cortical pathology such as a vascular blockage or a demyelinating process like multiple scler.

I woke up with a sore head and tingling in my right arm shoulder to fingers? I am overweight too

SOUNDS LIKE. You may have a pinched nerve in your neck. ...TRY SLEEPING WITHOUT A PILLOW... If the symptoms continue, this may require a neurologic examination... Hope this is helpful Dr Z.

Rear ended 2 months ago, shoulder fracture (not broken). A week ago a jump caused shoulder pain. Now tingling in arms and legs. Because of the injury?

Yes, it is possible. That the recent trauma is the cause of the nerve impingement. Nerve impingement can be caused by being sandwiched between two spinal bones, pressed by a bulging disc or encroached upon by bony overgrowth. Rec.: see an interventional pain management specialist for further investigation.