5 days after two fillings and two novacaine shots I am in awful jaw and ear pain. Dentist said I don't need a root canal. Is it jaw or tooth pain?

Long time. 5 days is a long time to be in pain. Need to have ears, nose, and throat checked by your md/do as well as revisiting the dentist. Filling could be "high, " nerve of tooth could be slowly dying, could be jaw joint involvement, could be so many other things. Go back for reevaluation.
Dental pain. It may be caused by the anesthesia - where were the fillings done?-if they were done in the lower or upper back jaw this is apossiblilty. Tr taking 300-600mg Ibuprofen and use warm compresses for 5 minutes with a warm wet washcloth.
Could be either. If you had an injection in the back of your mouth for work on a lower molar the pain could be caused by trauma to the muscle in that area. It is one of the muscles that controls your lower jaw. It could be from keeping your mouth open. It also could be your tooth. I would expect hot or cold sensitivity if it is your tooth. If you see no improvment at all over a few days get it checked again.
Evaluation. You need another urgent evaluation by dentist ( may be different dentist).
Vague. I would insist on getting back into the dentist to re-evaluate your symptoms again or get a referral to a root canal and/or TMJ specialist.