What could cause pain in left hip/lower back for last 3 years. Also have discomfort in left leg at time, & numbing with slashing pain thru arms & legs?

Back issues. Degenerative back disease would probably be first on the list. Left hip pain is most likely referred, but if lower back (lumbar spine) is ok, next thing would be to rule out sacroiliac joint problem and hip problem per se. Hip problem would not account for pain in the arm, but back problem especially neck issues would.

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I have moderate to severe hip pain that gets worse when I move my left leg. My lower back hurts at times also. Can back issues be causing my hip pain?

See details. It depends of what you are calling hip pai. Hip joine pain in the groin area on top of the hip. Pain on the side or in the buttock is not hip pain but is related to back pain. Back pain is unlikely to cause true hip pain. Read more...