I had carpal tunnel surgery. Still in a lot of pain but scared to ask doctor for more meds. He gave me 40. 1, 4 times a day and ill run out on day 10.

Carpal tunnel. If you are in true pain, you should talk to him and let him know that. It may be that he may suggest some other ways of treating your pain than taking narcotic pain killers. He may decide to continue pain medication for a little while knowing your problem in hopes it will improve.
Carpal tunnel surger. Is typically not painful. Most patients use meds for a day or two and some no narcotic pain meds at all. Still all are different. I advise many to consider tapering pain meds to oral antiinflammatories or tylenol (acetaminophen) within a day or two, as long as it is somethion that they feel safe with. Best to contact your own doctor but the needs that one has now typically are much different 10 days later.