My wife has had a hiatal hernia. It now looks larger than a golf ball sticking out of her stomach. She's been short of breath, nauseated and bloated. What should I do?

Cannot see. A hiatal hernia on the outside of a person. A hiatal hernia is deep inside where the stomach goes into the chest. If you see a hernia bulge on the outside it could be an umbilical or ingunai (groin) hernia, or hernia in a scar from past surgery. If you see a hernia bulge & it is hard & tender, then see a doctor asap.
Need evaluation. If the hiatal hernia is causing severe reflux and aspiration surgical intervention and enteral feeding may required see your g.I asap.
Go to the Hospital. This is an urgent issue. Please turn off the smart phone and take your wife to the hospital. She does not need to be suffering with this any longer.

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I have been noticing lately that become short of breath after a large meal. It feels like my stomach is pushing on my lungs. Hiatal hernia?

It is possible. Having these symptoms after eating a large meal may be caused by the type of food eaten and the time it took to consume the food. Bloating occurs with excessive carb intake and rapid eating and the stomach may produce excess gass and mechanically slow down . A hiatal hernia can give similar symptoms but it may give symptoms with every meal as well such as reflux. Take time and chew the food well. Read more...
Possibly. Could be a hiatal hernia, but could also be normal. As your stomach fills up, there is less room for your lungs to push down to inflate, so your feeling like stomach pushing on lungs is correct. Easiest way to fix is not eat large meals. Maybe more frequent, smaller meals. Read more...

Had stomach balloon, removed after 6 weeks didn't tolerate, am short of breath for 1 month, been diagnosed hiatal hernia no scans done, can hh cause that?

PUlmonary embolism. You had an operation on your stomach. It was operated on and taken down. If you are short of breath and obese a pulmonary embolism should be considered. You may have had a dvt. The doctors will evaluate you. An elevated d dimer. Hope this helps. It could be many things. Read more...