I want to start an exercise program and I have arthritis. What should I do?

What you like to do. There are many choices for someone with arthritis embarking on an exercise program, and exercise is hugely beneficial to patients with arthritis. One should always pick something he or she enjoys and clear it with his personal physician. Some commonly recommended exercises are walking, swimming, other aerobic water exercises, cycling, yoga, and tai chi.
Start slow. Exercise for people with arthritis can help them with their pain if they start slow and use non-impact exercise (like water aerobics). A visit with a physical therapist can really help.
Stretch. Move. (1) warm up. (2)stretch all over: fingers to toes. (3) start 10 minutes every other day. If you don't hurt the next day, each week add 10 minutes each session. (4) low impact exercise like walking, biking, swimming, tai chi. Congrats on making great changes. More info here: www.Arthritis.Org.
Pool activity. As a family medicine doctor i recommend that you do isometric physical activity. The best example is doing activity in a pool where gravity is decreased thus decreasing stress on your joints.