I have a chronic nasal allergy. Every day it gets blocked and have depend on a nasal drop which opens it up.

Stop nose drops. Read the nose drop package insert. It would tell you not to use it for more than several days. If you use the otc decongestant drops regularly , your congestion will only get worse. You need to see your doctor to first help wean you off the otc drops and to use the correct nasal spray for your condition before your ruin your nose permanently. The condition is known as rhinitis medicamentosa.
Go see your doctor. I don't know what's available in india so you'll need to see your local doc. I assume nasal is salt water. Avoid nasal decongestant sprays that quickly lead to rhinitis medicamentosa which is fancy way of saying you become addicted to them. Check out http://www.Nytimes.Com/2006/03/14/health/14spra.Html. Consider nasal steroids & oral antihistamines like loratadine. Maybe montelukast. Ask your doc.