I took my nuvaring out 10 days ago since my husband and I decided to try for another baby and I still haven't gotten my period what's going on?

Missed period. It is not uncommon for someone to have a delayed period after stopping any type of hoymonal contraceptive. Your body is trying to get back to its normal rhythm without the artificial hormones. It may last from a few weeks of delay and sometimes, up to a year. If you are greatly concerned about this, see your gynecologist. You may need some blood tests to make sure everything is alright.
TRY TO RELAX. Could be just the worry of not having your period. If 2wks pass w.O menses either go to your doctor's office for a preg test or take an over the counter test yourself. If you persist w.O a cycle blood tests can tell if there is any imbalance causing the lack of bleeding. Most likely it is worry related.