Stage 2B idc breast cancer, triple positive. Us shows 6mm thyroid nodule with calcifications next to carotid. Should I insist on fine needle biopsy?

Head and neck . You should be seen by a head and neck surgeon who routinely does oncology surgery for the best advice. The nearest cancer center can also be of help in locating specialists.
Depends. This condition is unrelated to your breast cancer history. Ask your doctor what concerns or not are registered by the radiologists. Some type of thyroid calcifications are more likely to be benign. 6mm thyroid nodule is small & need to know risks of trying biopsy near carotid artery too. The doctor who ordered the study would know much more to help you than is able to be reported here.
The thyroid nodule. is not related to the breast cancer. It is not a metastasis. The specific ultrasound characteristics are important in determining the management of the thyroid nodule, but thyroid nodules are common, and based on size, serial follow up is the most likely scenario.