How bad does it hurt to get the stitches removed from a septo-rhinoplasty? Is it really bad? Should I take pain medicine before I go to get it done?

Mild discomfort. Most sutures used in rhinoplasty are dissolvable. If an open technique is used, these sutures are generally removed 5-10 days after surgery. This is usually accompanied by brief, mild discomfort. .
Not the worst . I would have someone bring you to the appointment and take 1-2 of the pain pills an hour before you go. There will be some weird pulling/tugging sensations and some suctioning of mucous, allowing you to breathe better after all is removed. Think of how good you will feel once it is done and you will make it through!
Yes, take the pills. It is not extremely uncomfortable, but if you are worries, you should take the pills just in case. Also, it depends on whether you have incisions with sutures on the base of your nose, or just inside (which aren't typically removed). Typically the septoplasty has no sutures to be removed, but each surgeon has slightly different techniques and sutures they place.
Rhinoplasty sutures. It is minimal pain to get the sutures removed. However if you have deep packing in the nose it hurts coming out. It is generally a good idea to take pain medicine before that visit and have someone drive you.
Rhinoplasty Stitches. Initial discomfort after rhinoplasty is easily controlled with oral medication and head elevation. The majority of swelling and bruising subsides progressively over 2-4 weeks. External sutures (if any) are removed in 4-6 days. Internal sutures dissolve on their own.
Not bad. It is not very painful to get the stitches out. If you take pain medicine be sure to have someone else drive you there!