Can pinched nerve cause tingles when looking up&numbness in rt arm and leg? I do a lot of stair running. 1st started with pulled lower back and spread

Spurling Sign. Yes. Clasically, looking up and toward the side of symptoms will elicit a shooting pain into the arm suggesting a pinched nerve in the neck. Less commonly, if the spur/disc is more central, there may also be symptoms affecting the same leg. Again, this would imply a combination of central and lateral pressure. A large disc herniation would be most likely if < 50 years. Consider a spine md eval.
Unusual . Pinched nerves can do this, but would need to have pinched nerves in your neck and back at the same time which would be unusual with the mechanism described. Compression of the spinal cord nerves at the level of the cervical spine may explain this, but again, unusual to see with this mechanism. Either way, need to see your doctor or neurologist to obtain the right diagnosis and treatment.