Does my cancer risk increase if I've been diagnosed w/ HPV then reoccurance to hsil two years apart?

Not necessarily. I presume u have a DX of hpv (human papillovirus) which, unfortunately, occurs commonly soon after onset sexual activity in women. There's a higher risk of cervical cancer, so young women (<26) r targeted for the vaccine. I believe ur asking that 2 yrs later an episode of herpes simple 2 (us. Vaginal ulcers) occurred. Am not sure if that further increases risk. But check with an expert. Safe sex!
HSIL. Hsil or high grade squamous intra-epithelial lesion is considered cin 3 or carcinoma in situ. In layman's terms your condition has progressed from a simple viral infection to a possible precancerous lesion. If your immune system is strong your body should be able to fight the virus and avoid progression to cancer. It's very important to be monitored on a regular basis by your gynecologist.
Follow up. Being diagnosed with HSIL means your risk of progressing to cancer is higher than L(low)SIL or normal by definition. As nearly everyone with HSIL has HPV, your previous finding of HPV does not change anything and is not surprising. I urge you to follow up with your OB/GYN and go over your results with them going forward. .
I am afraid so. The association between hpv and cervical cancer has been supported by epidemiologic and molecular studies. 2 major factors associated with hsil & cervical cancer are hpv subtype and persistence.•high risk hpv subtypes-such as 16 and 18. In a prospective population based study, 21% of patients with high risk hpv infections persisting over 12 months develop cin2 or worse over 30 months follow up.
Not necessarily. As long as this is managed and monitored properly, the risk of cancer is minimal.