I grind my teeth sooo bad that I've woken myself up hearing it grind! I went n bought a mouth guard its so bad. Whats making me grind my teeth so bad?

Could be Stress. Also known as bruxism, clenching or grinding ones teeth is something that most people do from time to time. When it becomes a frequent problem as you describe the danger is that you will harm your teeth, fracturing them or grinding them down, it can also cause jaw problems, TMJ and in some cases hearing loss.The issue may be stress. Talk to your dentist and doc and find the best solution.
Stress. Although the source of teeth grinding is not clearly defined, usually it is believed to be related to stress. If the mouth guard you are using doen't help you may need to see a dentist for a custom mouth guard. Long term however, you should try various stress reduction techniques such as meditation, particularly before bedtime.
Often times--STRESS. It sounds like you are experiencing temporomadibular joint disorder. This disorder can come and go throughout a lifetime or become constant. Signs of tmd are pain in the jaw, ear aches, headaches, popping and clicking, and can cause your jaw to lock. This condition is usually brought on by stress, however can develop overtime if your dental bite is not properly aligned. I suggest a prosthodontist.