How do you contract pink eye?

Contagious! Most "pink eye" in adults is a viral infection, caught from someone else with pink eye, or something that person touched! good hand washing, separate towels, and keeping your hands away from your eyes is essential. Lubricating eye drops can help. Antibiotic eye drops rarely help (although often requested). There are uncommon but serious causes of "red eye", so see your md for worsening symptoms.
Direct contact. Viral conjunctivitis is typically called pink eye. Pink eye is contracted like other viruses via direct contact. Usually the eye is touched with contaminated hands. To help prevent spreading to others we recommend frequent hand washing, wiping down door knobs, phones, remote controls, steering wheel, computer keyboards and mouse with lysol wipes. A common cold can also lead to pink eye.
By contact. Viral conjunctivits is contracted through contact, it is important that you avoid contact with objects that the patient has touched.